Happy Halloween!


Halloween has arrived once again and here at the Be You Promise we are looking forward to the festive fall event. Over the last few weeks signs of the holiday have been seen from the spooky decorations to the jack-o-lanterns hanging on light posts.

There are so many different ways that this day can be celebrated, from trick-or-treating, to dressing up in costumes, to gatherings with friends and family. We hope that you are able to enjoy the local festivities and get together to have some fun anyway you choose. However, we also want to remind all of you about having a fun, but safe and healthy Halloween.

oct2-051Halloween has often been associated with heavy alcohol use and drug use and unfortunately, this means there are also higher rates of death and injury. In fact, it is estimated that 44% of fatal crashes during Halloween involve a driver who is intoxicated and 23% of pedestrian fatalities included a drunk driver. These are huge numbers that could be so easily prevented with a little awareness and forethought. We don’t need alcohol or drugs to have a good time and a Halloween where everyone gets home safe and sound seems like a great Halloween to us.

We particularly want to remind some of our younger followers about the risks and dangers associated with alcohol and drug use. As young minds, your brains are still developing. In fact, our brains don’t stop developing until the age of 25! Because your brains are still developing any amount of alcohol or drug use is associated with a much bigger risks of harm. Alcohol and drugs can negatively impact the development of your brain, which can lead to lifelong harms. We know this is not something you want, so do your best to make the safe and healthy choice to not use alcohol or drugs this Halloween.

halloween-party-decorationsLastly, get creative! Take on a challenge and get into the spirit of Halloween by coming up with your very own spooky mocktail. To get you started we have posted one for you to try below. Finding fun and creative ways to go without alcohol and drugs is a great way to stay on the path of being the best you that you can possibly be.

So from all of us at the Be You Promise have a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween.


Mocktail Recipe – Zombie eye punch

red-zombie-halloween-punch-recipe– Pull out the stems of 10 cups of cherries, and insert a chocolate chip in each cherry.  (These will represent your zombie eyes.)

– Add all of the zombie eyes into the bottom of a punch bowl.

– Combine three cups of ginger ale, 10 cups of cherry cola, five cups of red fruit juice concentrate, and three cups of pineapple juice.

– Chill and serve.