“Be You” Shines in Healthy Living Guide

A piece from an editorial feature from June’s edition of the Healthy Living Guide. Click here to view the ad.

Drug and alcohol abuse leads to a substantial number of problems in our community, from health problems, like mental and physical illness, to social and economic problems. Today, 80% of crimes are linked to drugs and / or alcohol and the economic burden of drugs and / or alcohol in Canada is $40 Billion.

There are many programs and resources for people who are recovering from drug / alcohol abuse, but a charitable organization located in Victoria, B.C. is trying something a bit different. With a focus on prevention, specifically with youth, as they are the most susceptible to the positive messaging and modeling, BeYouPromise.org has been providing educational programming, resources and guidance to people to help create a more prosperous country – socially and economically – by improving the physical and mental well-being of Canadians.

The hope is that this will result in increased happiness and productivity, improved social relationships (including stronger and more stable relationships), reduced health care costs and reduced crime/enforcement costs.

We kicked-off 2015 with public-awareness campaign, called the Be You Promise. The goal of the Be You Promise is to educate and generate awareness among Canadian’s by inspiring hope and health, to live a successful, fulfilled and fun life without abusing drugs or alcohol. We are asking Canadians to commit to taking the Be You Promise, which indicates they are making the choice to lead a healthy life and set an example for their family and friends, and be the best person they can.