Problem & Solution


The misuse of alcohol and drugs is one of the largest social problems in the world and in Canada.

Because the use of alcohol is legal and well entrenched in our society, the majority of citizens do not think that alcohol is a drug. The reality is that alcohol is a drug and one of the most dangerous drugs available, negatively impacting physical and mental health. Other dangerous and destructive drugs include marijuana, hash, cocaine, tobacco, amphetamines, ecstasy, etc. Alcohol is a gateway drug in that it can lead to the experimentation and use and misuse of these other drugs.

80 percent of the population uses alcohol and drugs. Health and social problems are widespread and pervasive throughout the country as a result of misuse.

Approximately 10 percent of the population is addicted. Most of the health and social problems are attributable to the light and moderate users, representing 70% of the population. Health problems include, mental and physical illnesses such as depression, dementia, unstable emotional behaviors, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, various cancers, etc. Social problems include crime, family breakdowns, financial problems, business and educational problems.

The economic costs including legal enforcement costs, health care costs and lost productivity are staggering. The human costs including physical and emotional pain, suffering and even death are monumental and immeasurable.


Moderation or restraint in the use of alcohol and drugs is the solution to the misuse of alcohol and drugs within Canada.

It is the position of that we do not need drugs in our daily lives except for medicinal purposes. There is a misconception that we have to use drugs to relax and to have fun. In fact, there is no scientific basis to prove that there is a cause and effect relationship. Fun and relaxation occur as a result of social interaction and activities such as conversation, exercise, sports, reading, music, television, computers, etc.

Moderation throughout the population will maximize our quality of life as individuals, families and as a country by promoting health, safety, happiness and prosperity.Societal benefits include a richer and more prosperous country socially and economically through improved physical and mental health among our citizens and a safer country through reduction in crime stemming from the misuse of alcohol and drugs.