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Who Will Speak for “Be You”

Be You Promise.Org is currently recruiting eloquent spokespeople to help get our message out. As you can imagine, our demographic is as diverse as Canada itself. We reach out to folks age 10 to 90, from all walks of life.

  • Are you comfortable speaking in public?
  • Do you believe in the need for educating the public about the benefits of alcohol and drug abstinence or restraint?
  • Are you interested in talking about thoughtful abstinence or restraint?

If so, we would love to hear from you. You might be our next guest speaker or facilitator!

At BE YOU, we try to match our speakers to a specific audience to enhance the delivery of the message. As such, we would love to have teen leaders to speak to our adolescent groups, engaging retirees talk to the 60-and-up demographic and savvy young adults address our 19-34 groups. Each group has its own particular challenges and needs and we believe in finding speakers who can understand and connect with their specific needs.

Be You Promise.Org is also interested in recruiting local heroes to give our message a little oomph. If you have received some local or national recognition in sports, the arts, academics or other related disciplines and would be interested in lending our mission a little of your star power, please contact us. You might be able to play an effective role in helping us get out our message of temperance.