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Miles Craig                     Founder and CEO

Miles Craig was born into an entrepreneurial family September 26, 1961 in Brandon, Manitoba. His family pioneered the business of radio and television communications in Brandon where they owned and operated two radio stations and a television station. The private company, Craig Broadcast (later Craig Media) was founded by his late grandfather, John Craig in 1948 with the purchase of a single radio station.

The elder Craig passed on his love of broadcasting to his late son Stuart and his three grandsons. Miles, along with his two older brothers, Drew and Boyd, worked part time at the family business while attending high school and university. Miles’ part-time jobs included television news camera person and radio operator.

In 1983, Miles graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Degree in Commerce. That same year, he became involved in the opening and management of a successful electronic video and computer store in Brandon, assuming the position of store manager. In 1984, Miles joined the family business alongside his father Stuart and two brothers. Over a 20 year period, Miles held executive and director positions with the company which experienced tremendous growth, eventually establishing television stations in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. The radio division expanded into Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and Edmonton. Recognizing the digital age was on the horizon, Craig Media established a new company – Craig Wireless Systems. In 1996, Craig Wireless Systems pioneered North America’s first digital wireless cable network, a revolutionary wireless television and internet delivery system.

In 2005, the television and radio divisions of Craig Media were sold. At the time of the sale, it was the largest privately held broadcast company in Canada.

While Miles continued to have a passion for business, his private interest in helping others live better lives moved onto the front burner. Miles moved to Rancho Mirage, California with the intention of setting up a foundation, America’s Foundation for the Poor (AFP). While living in California, he witnessed poverty in the midst of one of the wealthiest parts of North America, confirming his belief in the need for a national foundation to assist the poor of the U.S. Sadly, the inability to acquire an appropriate visa to manage the foundation forced him to dissolve the charity.

Miles returned to Canada in 2009, disappointed but full of the realization that his passion to help others was now a powerful calling. But where to focus his energies?

Everywhere he looked, the misuse of alcohol and drugs was taking a huge physical, emotional and financial toll. Why not create a foundation with the simple old-fashioned message of habitual moderation and restraint? After much research, and with the assistance of an old friend touched by the misuse of alcohol and drugs, he began to develop Canada Temperance Foundation which became registered Canadian charity in July of 2011.

Today the foundation is known as after launching an award winning campaign of the same name in January 2015.

As head of, Miles is a hands-on CEO. Applying the business management skills honed over 20 years in the broadcast industry, he developed the business plan for and is directly involved in the management and operation of the foundation along with a Board of Directors.

Miles is the major source of funding for the foundation at the moment, but will be seeking to get other donors and sponsors on board as the organization gains momentum. The foundation launched on June 15, 2012 and has already begun to build strong relationships with a number of community leaders from the fields of local government, law enforcement, education, health, academia, business and media.

Miles is now a permanent resident of Victoria, British Columbia and is enjoying his new life in one of Canada’s nicest cities. Miles’ dream of making a contribution and impact in the country and the world is shaping up nicely.


Jay McNeil

Be You Promise.Org                         CPO & Executive Director of Fundraising and Events

30+ years of advertising and marketing experience, Jay has a real depth of knowledge and expertise. He has lived over half of his life right here on our little island in the pacific, and spent 11 of his 16 years in radio advertising with local stations. He’s very familiar with the business climate of Victoria and knows how to produce results for clients in this market! In the past Jay has worked in print advertising, including his position as National Marketing Director & Managing Publisher for a national network of magazines. Jay has also worked in Network Television and been self-employed, owning and managing his own small business. This depth of experience and knowledge means Jay knows how to move your business to the next level! Outside of work Jay is an adventure seeker. His favorite activities include, skydiving, bungy jumping, travel, and motorcycles! If it pushes his boundaries, he’s all over it. He’s also a big believer in personal development, in constantly growing and keeping motivated. Jay’s experience and outlook help him find the best use of an advertising budget to find solutions for your business challenges. Whether your business is small or large, retail or service industry, new or established, Jay can help you attract and retain more customers!