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What is an educational presentation?

BeYouPromise.Org places utmost importance on healthy people and healthy communities. It is our mission to provide education on healthy choices leading to healthy living in our schools and communities. Developing educational presentations to disseminate knowledge on the risks and harms of alcohol and drug use and empirically supported methods of prevention is our principal goal. We believe that through educating our youth, parents, and communities on the risks and harms of drug and alcohol use, as well as on ways of preventing use will work to make our children and adults healthier and our communities stronger and safer.

Delivered in a friendly, approachable manner our presentations will be a blend of insights, stories and useful facts designed to engage and inform an audience about the many risks and harms associated with the use of alcohol and drugs, the negative effects of substance misuse on our society and the benefits of moderation or restraint in the use of alcohol and drugs. Our presentations are custom-made to meet the needs and concerns of the age group being addressed. Whether it’s an adolescent group learning to combat peer pressure or a parent-aged group figuring out how to talk about drugs to their children, we have a finely tempered message designed to break through.

Project: “Where Will Your Choices Take You?  Youth Outreach Program”

The problem of substance use across Canada is significant and costly. Substance abuse is linked to crime, accidents, injury, academic failure, and death. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 47,000 Canadian deaths are linked to substance abuse annually (Health Officers Council of B.C.). Moreover, approximately 60% of illicit drug users are between the ages of 15 and 24. Adolescents are still developing and are therefore at an increased risk of experiencing the harms associated with substance abuse. It is with this fact alone that we believe targeting our youth is essential, as these early years can set the stage for the rest of their lives. If we can prevent substance use before it begins by teaching our youth the skills to make healthy choices and show them healthy alternatives, our entire community will be stronger.

Our Where Will Your Choices Take You? Youth Outreach Program provides education on drug and alcohol misuse, the risks and harms associated with drug and alcohol use, and ways of preventing or abstaining from using drugs and alcohol. The presentation is geared towards youth that consists of an educational component followed by an interactive discussion that promotes youth to critically evaluate and think about healthy life choices.

The presentation is a up-close blend of insights, real life stories, and useful facts and delivered by a speaker whose life has been significantly impacted with substance misuse.  The educational presentations are designed to engage and inform the audience about the benefits of abstinence or restraint in drugs and alcohol and the negative effects of substance misuse on our society.

Our presentations are custom-made to meet the needs and concerns of the age group being addressed. The educational presentations will open up discussions about healthy choices and work to reduce the misconceptions surrounding substance use. By promoting healthy choices and reducing stigma, it will lead to youth feeling more comfortable to seek help when they need it. Moreover, the increased knowledge will lead to youth to being more aware so that they may be able to help others who may be at risk.

Project: “Preventing Drug Use Among our Children”

This educational presentation is intended for parents and adults that will provide basic drug education and tools for parents to communicate with their children about alcohol and drug use.

Project: “The Truth and Misconceptions Around Alcohol and Drug Misuse”

Presented by: Miles Craig – Founder / CEO

This educational presentation is intended for an adult audience.

This presentation includes a description of the background and motivation of the founder and CEO in establishing this important charitable organization, our mission and a description of the organization. Discussions will include the health, social, economic problems and human costs associated with alcohol and drug misuse throughout Canada, a description of the BeYouPromise.Org’s solution and it’s societal benefits. We will encourage individuals to help the foundation, by taking The Be You Promise and by encouraging others to take The Be You Promise.

Booking An Educational Presentation

  • BeYouPromise.Org speakers are available seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, to speak to your school, church, company, military base or other group.
  • Educational presentations can be tailored to fit your time constraints.
  • Presentations are offered free of charge and designed for individuals aged 10 to 100.

Please contact us for more information or to book an appearance.